Strategic business fit among inter-related businesses will offer invaluable competitive advantage potential; from shared costs and efficient key skills transfer, to expertise, infrastructure and/or sharing, as well as managerial know-how growth. Through the VITAE generative multi-stakeholder cooperative business models, individuals, families, peers, learning institutions, enterprises/organizations and communities alike will be able to benefit from economies of scale, scope or flow, based on their levels of investment. This will be key to sustainably grow in ever-faster changing socio-economic systems, especially in crisis time. Moreover, the VITAE strategic business fit will help build a sound knowledge on the stocks and flows. And as such, VITAE will strive to generate the best possible with respect to:   

  • Market-Fit: Community engagement and infrastructure innovations for enterprises/organizations with systems that various groups of people need to improve lives –not ‘peddling’ products- where there are enough people in the respective groups to provide sustainable business growth.
  • Operating Fit: ‘’Potential for cost sharing or skills transfer in procuring materials, conducting research and development, developing technology, manufacturing components, assembling finished goods or performing administrative support functions’’ (
  • Management Fit: Capability building allowing enterprises/organizations to create value for customers, shareholders and society while operating in competitive markets.