”When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier” – Roy Disney

Image Source: David Lightle

INNOVATION Stakeholder’s Views of VITAE: As an innovation platform builder to optimize customer value, while eliminating process wastes in terms of research, education, and promotion for system efficiency and productivityHigh Value as Customer is part of the basis for the main value proposition
A B2P (business to people) of subscription and rental services approach; Sell a goods/services 1000X; Offer value-added services tooptimize synergies
Margin increase driver from organizational learning and adaptation
P2P (people to people) Gift, swap, share, co-own resell durables; Scale new value to minimize trade-offs 
An Integrated Organization for organizational socialization of customers 
B+P (business and people) co-creating new goods/services & build brands w/crowds; Tap crowds w/innovation for shared IP, revenues and loyalty tobuild a more complete capital 
UNIVERSALITY  & CULTUREClient’s General Views of VITAE` As a multilevel process support service provider maintaining a universal/simple perspective and  considering diverse culture 
An Integrated Organization for customer learning + added value goods & services 
Explore product systems in-depth to understand interrelationships to optimize customer value.
Margin increase facilitation from the offer of specification, production &/or distribution.
Acknowledge that perspectives informs the understanding of the interrelationships to minimize waste in all its forms.
High-Value Proposition for acquisition of new customers
Accept that boundary choices are not optional. They require deliberation for economical, political, ecological and cultural reasons  
INTEGRATIONVITAE business processes to motivate corporate social and sustainable development responsibility, integrated governance leadership, quality substance for environments healthy and safe environments Collaborative Research and Development (Int. & Ext.)  
Clear and continuous leadership & communication supportCreate quality partnerships 

Integrative Education and Lifelong Learning
Rigorous attention to sustainable development details Maximize Effectiveness 
Generative Promotion & Stewardship
Active collaboration among all members throughout all phases of the project/change programsCo-Create High Quality Systems 
HUMAN RIGHTS & EQUITYHow we sustain our ability to continuously grow ourselves, and find lifelong learning opportunities within ever- changing ecological, socio-cultural,  political and economic terms and conditions..Engage on Integrated Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Integrated Reporting
Recruit creative chaordic leaders & communicators to facilitate changing the lenses and targeting the gaps.
Focus on Quality Substance (Matter, Energy, Information) and Corporate Shared Value
Recruit constructive researchers, educators & promoters & stewards to facilitate rethinking constraints and embracing lightweight solutions. 
Focus on Healthy/Safely Built Environments and Community Wealth Building 
Work w/allies & partners to train at all levels to facilitate buying differently and measuring what matters. (i.e.: outcomes including long-term impacts, not just outputs)