VITAE is a new unique and innovative service enterprise aimed at providing widely diverse land, real estate use and recovery supply and value chains support services. 

Established on the values and principles of living systems, it has access to a large toolkit and uses the best process to optimize resources and benefits. 

VITAE can serve learners and learning institutions; inventors and innovators; green deal makers; portfolio, program and project managers; as well as enterprises/organizations seeking to foster living and net-zero systems.

Learn Well

If sustainable development was easy, resource productivity trends worldwide would be far better than what it currently is. 

Therefore, through its partnership with Rovell Creative/Automated Learning Corporation, VITAE can provide readily available courses including:

  • More than 70 Online Learning Courses: Criterion Reference Training and Testing that are readily available including:
    • Lean Training; 
    • Health and Safety; 
    • Inventory and Supply Chain; 
    • Custom Development, and others.
  • Strategic Objectives: financial, customer, internal, learning and development
  • Cutting 40-50% Required Training TIme; Increasing Retention Outcomes 
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet current, transition and future needs 
  • Exercising critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems and make decisions effectively, efficiently and productively.

For any of the above courses, or to create your own education program and (re)animate your learning journey, contact Renée Gratton, or 613-795-4632