Renée Gratton, LEED A.P.

Sustainability Consultant, Coach, and Innovative Entrepreneur   

‘’Renée Gratton has been an excellent mentor to me!. Renée invested many hours in my education in the construction industry, specifications, and plans, plus how to stay organized in a fast-paced business. Her level of professionalism and expertise in the industry helped direct me to a path I didn’t know I needed to be on. Thank you, Renée for all your advice and positive feedback,’’ Rochelle Kinnee, Business Development, Underlayment Flooring Specialist, BJ Millaire Builders.

Renée is a sustainability consultant, coach, mentor, trainer, award-winning eco-polymath, waste-free innovative better-built environment subject matter expert.

‘’ Renee Gratton is a natural leader, mentor and motivator. She is a passionate thinker and communicator about the environment and sustainability in design and construction. Renee is a visionary who sees beyond obstacles and works collaboratively to achieve the goals she sets.’’ P. Simister, Principal, and Senior Conservation Architects; CSV Architects

“Renee brings a seriously impressive depth of knowledge as well as a stalwart passion for sustainability in action and the change management required to achieve that. A true resource for a project.” Lynn Strickland, Project Manager, Tiree Facility Solutions 

A leader, communicator, mentor, coach, and system thinker who thrives on finding solutions to complex problems, and driving required changes. 

Renée helps individuals, as well as enterprises/organizations, learn about sustainable development, highest and best use of real estate and highest and best recovery system needs. She brings innovation to the table, pushing business frontier boundaries to continuously achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency outcomes.

Efficiency in 

Achieving Outcomes

Effectiveness in Achieving Outcomes

Image Source: The Human Services Value Curve; Leadership for a Networked World; Harvard Technology Entrepreneurship Centre 

With years of experience and research in various land, construction, and real estate and recovery supply chain management, Renée is passionate about sharing her wide-ranging discoveries with learners, knowledge providers, peers, and communities. As a creative leader, she inspires and motivates with respect to innovation in program and project creation, across discovery, development, and delivery phases.

In the last decade and because of her concern with impacts of growing waste streams and planned obsolescence, much of her work focused on changing the lens on how trash is defined, generated, circulated and finally disposed of, and externalized. She led the creation of a task force, a non-profit organization and flagship initiative, MISSION 2030: An award-winning international change project for net-zero construction, renovation, and demolition waste by 2030. 

In that time, she also helped develop the CSA Group Deconstruction Standard, as well as establish the National Zero Waste Council, while continuing to serve her clients on countless small to megaprojects. 

‘’Renée Gratton and Catherine Rust are greening one of the most challenging supply chains there is: the construction sector. Gratton a pioneer in specialty sustainable products and environmental building education,’’ Natasha Milijasevic, Alternative Journal, Canada’s Environmental Voice

Your passion for the health of the planet has proven to be a very impressive journey and lifelong endeavor which you manage with professionalism, innovation and well-researched information you kindly share with the like-minded. Its not surprising the MIT folk sought you out and recognized you for your efforts. Mother Earth needs more inhabitants who care for her, as you do Renee! Marianne Dupont, Partner, [in] tempo design  

Today, Renée is establishing a cooperative to bridge expertise, infrastructure, and resource gaps. She believes in the power of community-owned and controlled learning and living support systems, to advance responsible business in land, construction, real estate use, and investment. With widely diverse experts from various industries and service sectors, the primary aim is to build modern knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to meet growing needs, and demands or expectations for all to achieve well-being by 2030. Concurrently, she continues to work with small and medium-sized enterprises on various projects.  

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Renée Gratton, LEED A.P

Sustainability Consultant, Coach, and Innovative Entrepreneur 

MISSION 2030 and VITAE Initiatives 

M.: 613-795-4632