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VITAE (Latin for 'living'), is an important change initiative taking shape in Eastern Ontario, for whole innovative integrated generative continued learning and living systems. Through a multi-stakeholder cooperative, we aim to create the smartest rural living labs to be used by diverse communities and for innovations.

In Europe and Asia, living labs are already mature social spaces for research and innovations, and there are countless studies on their types, from research and development, to open innovation platforms to pilots. But in the Western world, they still for the most part focus on testing more than design, and slow to mature. Through a new innovative organization, we can use and share lessons learned from experiences with MISSION 2030 and other key initiatives on sustainable to regenerative development cultures.   

Living labs are physical regions or virtual realities, or interaction spaces, in which stakeholders form public-private-people partnerships (4Ps) of companies, public agencies, universities, users, and other stakeholders, all collaborating for creation, prototyping, validating, and testing of new technologies, services, products, and systems in real-life contexts"(Leminen, 2013; Westerlund & Leminen, 2011)

Vision: Accessible well built regenerative development for community use and innovations 

Mission: To provide the best conditions in which people can continuously learn well and live well. 

Service Objectives

  1. Financial: Ensure financial sustainability; diversified growth revenue streams;
  2. Customer: Best value for the cost, and partnerships to provide long-term solutions;
  3. Internal: Innovation; Customer Service, Operational Excellence: and Regulations
  4. Learning: Align with OECD’s Learning Framework 2030 for well-being
  5. Development: Optimize asset/liability management expertise, infrastructure and resources 

High-Level Goals:

  1. Establish a cooperative organization and confirm the first physical location in 2021
  2. Model the SMARTEST Learning and Living Labs by 2025. 
  3. Publish Lessons Learned on Initiatives by 2030 
  4. Lead the regenerative movement by 2040 

Organizational Structure                   

For focus; to keep costs low; and ensure organizational flexibility as well as sustainable organic growth, the VITAE Community Investment Cooperative will havea network organizational structure, for multi-stakeholders.

Business Outcomes: 

(Re)Generative Outcomes & Impact Design: The enterprise will capture community-wide and partner-wide outcome measures in order to predict service needs, forge new partnerships, generate new resources, and create new high-impact solutions.“In regenerative cultures, people and companies create the conditions for more life, more diversity, more resilience and antifragility. It is the antidote to extractive industries. Implementing regenerative practices in all areas of human activity is not only the next economic boom and a source of unbridaled potentiality but also our greatest potential scenario for healing our planet from our extractive history.” Bloom Network

Business Fit: 

Based on extensive research and working with many initiatives, evidence shows that while focusing is critical at the tactical, operational and maintenance levels, the more human and cooperative systems can be diversified in a clear related way, the greater the window to convert strategic fits into a sustainable competitive advantage. This will result in more balanced economies of scope, flow, and scale fitting members, users or clients.